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A Vibrant Learning Environment

At Phoenix U16 we believe that every young person has the ability to succeed and to achieve their lifelong ambitions. Our aim is to help schools to meet the demands placed upon them within today’s educational climate through partnership, support and shared responsibility.

We work closely with students, parents and other professionals to make sure that every young person has a clear plan of progression that allows them to achieve the same standards of education as students who attend mainstream schools.

Full-time and part-time courses are offered within a flexible package of subjects tailored for students who are more successful working within small group settings with more intensive and individualised support.

Phoenix U16 also offers a variety of enrichment activities that focus heavily on the pastoral curriculum to provide a more weighted balance for students in mainstream schools with low motivation and poor attitudes to learning.

We are not affiliated to any specific religion. However our aim is to provide all students with a broad and general knowledge of all religions and cultures.

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